Lishuai Li 李立帅

Lishuai Li focuses on interdisciplinary research of intelligent transportation systems and data science. She has developed analytical methods using large-scale operational data for airline safety management and operations improvement, air traffic management, and health monitoring of train systems. She has recently developed path-finding methods for drone delivery networks to overcome infrastructural challenges in urban air mobility.

She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). She is a member of the Air Transport and Operations (ATO) section of the Department of Control and Operations. She is also affiliated with the School of Data Science at City University of Hong Kong. She received a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in Air Transportation Systems from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She received a B.Eng. in Aircraft Design and Engineering from Fudan University. She obtained a private pilot license in 2012.

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